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The Story Behind Cellie

Cellie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The idea for the Cellie Coping Kit popped up during a conversation between Dr. Meghan Marsac and her aunt, Anne Vinsel. At the time, Dr. Marsac was completing her fellowship training at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, learning how to best support kids with cancer and their parents. She noticed many families had a lot of the same struggles but that there were no resources available for their specific challenges. Anne Vinsel is an artist and often works with soft sculpture mediums. Dr. Marsac wrote the information for the first Cellie Kit on the train, while commuting to work and Anne created the Cellie design. 

So many children with cancer and their families loved the Cellie Kit that Dr. Marsac decided to develop kits for children with other medical conditions. 

Now, Cellie is a family business, with Dr. Marsac's boys (pictured below with Dr. Marsac), aunt (pictured below), nieces, and nephews coming up with lots of new ideas as to grow our Cellie products. Dr. Marsac's parents also help out with business (Mom is pictured below). 

Meghan Mom & Cellie 2.jpg
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