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Cellie in the News

Center for Injury Prevention and Research at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Research to Action 
Getting Creative to Support Children with Chronic Inflammatory Disease
Kentucky Innovate
Psychologist-led startup aims to help kids cope with medical conditions
The Dennis Relojo-Howell Show
Dr. Jessica Hafetz Mirman & Dr. Meghan Marsac: Childhood and Adolescence
Hear more about about how we can use science to support kids’ healthy development and mental health.
UK News
The Cellie Coping Kit Helps Sick Kids Manage the Stress of Treatment
South Philly Review
Coach Wags’ legacy lives on
Center for Injury Research and Prevention
Cellie Coping Kit for Injury: Promoting Children’s Healthy Recovery
Trauma Recovery Lab
Supporting Children with Cancer: The Cellie Cancer Coping Kit
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